Place Goldblum

Placeholder image service similar to Fill Murray, Placecage, etc. but with photos of Jeff Goldblum instead.

Full StackWebJavascriptOpen SourcePostgreSQLNode

I found out a few people at work had a thing for Jeff Goldblum so I decided to build a placeholder image generator using publicly available photos of him. The photos are curated and attributes of the photo including licensing information are stored in PostgreSQL for usage on the home page and to automatically generate the attribution page. The photo data itself is stored in a service called Cloudinary. Cloudinary is what facilitates the cropping and ensures that Jeff's face is always in the frame. It used to use Memcached to prevent database thrashing and excess Cloudinary API calls but I decided that was more of a solution looking for a problem considering the site is basically never used and therefore removed it.

It is written in Node with ExpressJS and Jade/Pug for the templates and hosted on Heroku. It is an open source project and can be viewed on GitHub.