Groove Glider

Groove Glider is an experimental side-scroller that leverages the dynamic game state to influence the in-game music. Created by Column Five on the Quintus HTML5 game engine.


Groove Glider was a Column Five "Hack Day" (though it took us a full day and night to do it) project. It is the product of the collaboration of a team of designers, developers, and composers/sfx artists when given a full day to develop something. Many unhealthy snack foods and drinks later, this is the result, from zero to done. In one day we designed and built this game for the web using Quintus.

We decided to make a side-scrolling shooter with purely 2D assets. Then we decided to add music and make that music react to what happens in the game. The music is actually composed of five simultaneous tracks played together. As your health decreases, each track drops out. So the more alive you are, the more full/complete the music. Our sound designer event went as far as making the sound effects in key with the music.

I was one of three developers on this project. We divided work up mostly by gameplay and entities: someone worked on the player, the enemies, the UI, and the game rules. It's all written in ES5 Javascript. No transpiling was done, no build tools used.